Sunday, 2 June 2013


I was a reaper I was the underworld's champion.
Undeadly is the first installment to The Reaper Diaries written by Michele Vail. I loved Undeadly it was written wonderfully, it had a great story line and it was very unique. I always looked forward to the quotes at the start of each chapter and the diary entries. Undeadly had me on the edge of my seat. I was almost died of laughter in some parts and I can't wait to get my hands on the second installment!® Molly can raise people from the dead but doesn't want her abilities to be made a big deal of, she just wants to fit in. But Molly can't seem to escape her ability as the god Anubis has chosen her to be a reaper. Molly soon finds her self at Nekyia Academy where she has a personal tutor Rath. Who Molly has feelings for but her old boyfriend Rick has followed her to Nekyia but there is something off about Rick.
I do not understand why humans struggle so against death. It is not an

Summary from book jacket:
Molly Bartolucci wants to blend in, date hottie Rick and keep her zombie-raising abilities on the down-low. Then the god Anubis chooses her to become a reaper - and she accidentally undoes the work of another reaper, Rath. Within days, she's shipped off to the Nekyia Academy, an elite boarding school that trains the best necromancers in the world. And her personal reaping tutor? Rath.
Life at Nekyia has its plusses. Molly has her own personal ghoul, for one. Rick follows her there out of the blue, for another...except, there's something a little off about him. When students at the academy start to die and Rath disappears, Molly starts to wonder if anything is as its seems. Only one thing is certain - Molly's got an undeadly knack for finding trouble...

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  1. so want to read it,since i have just finshed beautiful creatures,i was looking for another story.