I love feed back so if you would like to give me any feedback you can contact me on my twitter @tjayofgondor where you can also send me the titles of the books you would like me to review.  

 facebook page. Please like it. I will post updates and I will reply to all your feedback as best I can. :)


I love your feed back please feel free to send it. This also applies to the authors or publishers etc that wish to use any of my reviews you can contact me on this e-mail:

I'm going to start doing book trailers, book talk & so fourth.

I am more than happy to accept novels to review paperbacks, hardcover, and self published novels.
If anyone would like me to review, promote, host an interview or conduct give aways please contact me via e-mail. Please also contact me via e-mail if you would like to use any of my reviews. Have a wonderful day. 

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