Tuesday, 30 July 2013

All Our Yesterdays

You have to kill him.
All Our Yesterdays written by Cristin Terrill is an absolute page turner I loved it.! I couldn't put it down, this novel was action packed and I loved the story line. It's an outstanding book that many readers will devour in just a few short days. All Our Yesterdays will conjure up all sorts of your emotions it had me crying and laughing at one point I'm pretty sure I even melted into a puddle on the floor. Romance, action, drama and time travel come on why wouldn't you read this.?!® Marina was used to a privileged life she was wealthy, popular, beautiful and even had her sites set on the extremely smart James. All this changed when she was thrown into a cell with nothing but a bed and toilet. She starts to talk to the boy in the cell next door which brings back memories of what life used to be like. Em must escape and travel back in time and kill the one Marina used to love.  
They looked just like us.
Summary from book jacket:
I only have the uncorrected proof, guys. So I can't post it as I don't know if it will change sorry. 

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