Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Blood Prophecy

Eventually, the Longest Night gave way to morning. Eventually, they woke up.
Blood Prophecy is the amazing sixth (and last D: ) Installment to The Drake Chronicles. Where do I start!...Okay let me start with NO!!!!!! the series is over *sobs* I'm going to admit I cried when I finished reading the last chapter in fact I even tried to put off reading it but unfortunately I couldn't it is a Drake Chronicles book after all. I especially cried at the end of chapter 36 if you read it you know why. I will miss all the characters even Madame Veronique (That is saying something) I cried, I cheered, I drooled of the drake brothers, and I made my mum think I was insane -due to all the crying, cheering and drooling- Alyx will and forever be my favorite author and I will continue to read her wonderful novels. I think it is fair to say that The Drake Chronicles finished with a bang. With scenes that will make you cry, cheer, and melt into a puddle of goo on the floor Blood Prophecy was incredible.® 
Between Love And Power, A Queen Must Rise...
 Summary from book jacket:
Solange Drake will deny her birthright; she will not be queen as vampire tradition dictates. But change always comes at a cost...
Consumed by visions, Solange commits heinous crimes against vampire tribes. Trust is broken and the treaty between the Drakes and the Helios-Ra is threatened. To fight for the fate of the royal crown - and win - Solange must find the strength to unfold time and memory and free herself from the mind of a vengeful twelfth-century witch. Her destiny, and her heart, depends on it.

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