Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The International Kissing Club

What's your relationship status?

The International Kissing Club (IKC) is the mind blowing novel written by Ivy Adams. IKC was defiantly a step out of my comfort zone as I usually only read paranormal romance novels but this was great! all I could say when I put this novel down was "move over sister hood of the travelling pants the IKC is in town." This page turner is sweet, witty, cute, fun, flirty and and just what every girl needs. The best part of the book was the fact that every teenage girl can relate to the four of these girls in some way or another which I found was great. Defiantly holding out on a second installment. Piper is basically the ring leader of the group and is humiliated in front of the whole world and by whole world it's not a joke. It's gone viral. Already longing for more than the small town life the four girls lead piper comes up with a plan. Paris high has an exchange student program and she wants to sign the girls up. Four different countries. Four best friends. One kissing club. One great big adventure.® 

Four best friends
plus one great idea
divided by four different countries...
equals too many kisses to count!
Summary from book jacket:
Piper, Cassidy, Mei, and Izzy are the misfits of tiny Paris, Texas. Their whole lives, they've dreamed of escaping the small-town life and seeing the world. So when Piper is the victim of an embarrassing prank that goes viral online, she gets the idea that the girls should escape via the school's international exchange program, in search of fun, love, and Internet redemption. To add spice to their semesters away- and to stay connected to their best friends while apart- the girls start the International Kissing Club, a Facebook fan page where they can anonymously update one another on all the amazing guys they're meeting. Lucky for them, amazing guys abound at every turn! But sometimes fun, flirty vacation flings turn into more serious romances, and sometimes you don't return from aboard the same person you were. Will the girls' romances- and their friendships- survive? 

(Sorry this review was so late guys I was Very Very Very busy)

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