Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kiss Of Death

You'll need to find a vampire Protector.
Kiss Of Death is book eight in The Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine. This beautifully written master piece was cute, awesome, epic, phenomenal and I absolutely loved it! all Morganville Vampire books are amazing and Kiss Of Death defiantly lives up to that reputation. I can't wait to get in and read Ghost town!® Morley a very old vampire is after a way out of Morganville, Claire and her friends are that way out but should they fail to provide the documents for him leave they wont see another day. Will they live to tell the tale?
Welcome to Morganville. You'll never want t leave.
And even if you do...well, you can't.
Sorry about that.
Summary from book jacket:
Claire Danvers has a few things on her mind. First of all there is the laundry, which is now an unfortunate shade of pink. Then there is her boyfriend, Shane, who is never too far from her thoughts. Finally, there is her best friend Eve's relationship problems. As if life as a student wasn't complicated enough, Claire just happens to be studying in Morganville. A town run by vampires.
Trouble seems to follow Claire and her friends like a shadow and tonight is no exception to the rule. They must find the most difficult documents for a vampire to acquire: people passes that will allow 'bad ass' Morley and his friends to leave Morganville. But it's proving incredibly problematic, and with the odds seemingly stacked against them, the biggest question is...
Will they survive?

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