Friday, 10 January 2014


You are mine.
Savage is the final novel in the Wolf Springs Chronicles written by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie. As always with the books of the astounding Wolf Springs Chronicles I want to crawl inside and live in the mesmerizing world both Nancy and Debbie have created. Savage was hard to put down I finished it over night! It was fast paced, thrilling and full of action. It was beautifully written and easy to follow. I'm so sad this is the last book in the Wolf Springs Chronicles but I'm very impressed with the way it ended. All round this book was extraordinary!®  Katelyn is in the middle of a war between two werewolf packs - Fenner and Gaudin - and her loyalty to her pack is tested and on top of that the Hellhound is still after her.  
Run with me.
Summary from book jacket:
Out in the forest, tensions are blazing like forest fire. 
The ancient rivalry between the Fenner and Gaudin packs has reached fever pitch, and only a battle will quell the blood lust.
Katelyn is caught in the middle, her pack loyalties tested like never before. The person she needs the most - strong, sexy, loyal Trick - has no idea about her dark secrets. And while werewolf wars are raging, the Hellhound is still out there, stalking her every move.
It's time to take control. It's time to get savage. 

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