Sunday, 23 September 2012


                              Angel. You're mine. I haven't forgotten you.

Silence by Becca Fitzpatric is the astounding third instalment to the hush, hush series. This page turner was action packed right from the begging. It was fast paced, witty, full of drama and would keep paranormal romance novel readers of all ages on the tips of they're toes. After waking up in a cemetery and finding out she has been missing for three months Nora is determined to find out why she can't remember five months of her life if she had only been missing for three. As per usual Marcie and Nora have their run ins but Nora is forced to put that behind her due to her mum's new creepy boyfriend. Patch is -as always- hot and things seem to be getting steamy with Nora (and by steamy I mean I almost melted!) Will Nora get her memory back? find out by getting you're copy of Silence today!® 

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