Saturday, 2 June 2012

Out For Blood

Out For Blood the third instalment to The Drake Chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey definitely fits into my top 10 most intoxicating and addictive books I've ever read considering I'm a three year fan of The Drake Chronicles you can tell when I say addictive I mean it. Out For Blood is about Hunter Wild who is the Helios-Ra academy's star pupil...well that's until she develops a crush on a vampire called Quinn. He's dark, tall and hot as hell and also one of the infamous Drake brothers. As if that wasn't enough their love is totally forbidden. But all that is put to the test because something strange is happening a the Helios-Ra academy. Students are becoming mysteriously ill, Vampire attacks are growing worse and the Hel-Blar's numbers are increasing. Hunter and her friends have to try and put things right...but can she control her heart and everything else at the same time?® 
TJ xxoo 
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